The Teak House
Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Preparations for the Winter season are well under way!

One of the things about a holiday home 5,500 miles away in the Tropics is upkeep. Flight booked today for this year's essential maintenance and renewal trip!

Things deteriorate fast in the Tropics. Colours fade and chair covers need replacing regularly. Lampshades are a nightmare! Anything metal rusts and toasters and small electrical items do not last long. Hence the need to book a flight, hit the best fabric shops in Colombo, make appointments with soft furnishing guru, Jayawardene, and head down south to get the house looking ticketyboo for the upcoming season of winter sun.

And, it's not just the house that needs maintenance. Our faithful hounds need worming drugs that we cannot buy in Sri Lanka and, on this occasion, new vet beds! After ten years, we have got the routine but it all takes time and quite a bit of forward planning. Arriving after a 10 and a half hour flight and a few hours' drive to discover you have forgotten something is not what I call a joke - well, not a joke in good taste anyway.

So, flying out on 1 October for a whirlwind ten days! Or what Chris calls ' a hardship posting'!!

3rd Aug 2012

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