The Teak House
Tangalle, Sri Lanka

Pristine and deserted beaches of Tangalle

The day never ends as it began!  But, it is about loos again.

The Teak House resident frogs love a good dip in whichever loo the inhabitant has succeeded in leaving the lid open on. Hence, in consideration to said frog, I use the other loo to give it a chance to exit when encouraged. Not a bit of it.............Frog No 1 loved its douche so much it invited its friend, Frog No 2. Come on, guys. We know you love water but this is getting ridiculous. Both frogs given a little encouragement to 'hop' it! Loo seat down from now on.

A good, calm, constructive day had by all. 'Mullet' and prawn fishcakes prepared for dinner tomorrow. Thai fishcakes halted by absence of vital ingredient - fish sauce! TBC tomorrow.  Kitchen cupboard knobs on. Electrician pending tomorrow's visitation. Snagging list adopted by main man. 

Oh, nearly forgot. A lot of Seeni barking accompanied the arrival of a very dear, old friend, Winnie the Pooh, Sri Lanka's answer to Rick Stein. Winnie had heard that I was in town and couldn't wait to avail himself of a sneak preview (read beer) of the new Teak House kitchen. Very impressed was our Winnie whose fabulous cuisine is produced on two rings in a beach shack on Goyambokka beach.  Winnie's presence caused something of a kerfuffle in the kitchen, not least when Roshan decided that he simply had to have three different workstations! That was quickly sorted out.

It is very hot and the new moon is shrouded in mist. Sun lounger cushions have retreated inside in anticipation of a little rain. Perhaps not but it would be good. 

Photoshoot begins tomorrow. Suba gaman (safe journey) to Mr Mark who is leaving Colombo at 05.00. 

Good night.

08.00 Monday, 3 October 2011

A new week commences in The Teak House. Lots to do in anticipation of the arrival of the photographer, Mark Forbes, tomorrow. 

The day started with a serene stroll along the entire length of our neighbouring beach, Mahawella, immortalised by CN Traveller. Three kilometres of golden sand, clear blue ocean and absolutely no evidence of real life. One hour and six kilometres later, I had seen one dog, one guy cleaning a swimming pool in a neighbour's garden and a motorbike gliding quietly along the sand - off to work on a Monday morning. Oh, and a whole load of fishing boats idling by on the sand.

Tangalle will not stay like this!  The weather in October is exquisite. The monsoon has yet to start - maybe it won't!  The sky is blue as the seaplane comes into land around about 9.00. Today, it carried our friend, Natalie, up to Colombo and on her way to Kandy. It has transformed travel to the Deep South of Sri Lanka! Landing on Mahawella Lagoon, it is a five minute journey from the jetty to The Teak House. 

Returning to The Teak House after my early morning exertions, which were topped off by a quiet dip in the ocean from our beach at Seenimodera, the plumber/electrician had arrived to see to a cistern that had been playing up and check on the power situation in the utility room. Nothing cannot be mended in Sri Lanka! It is the least wasteful place we have ever had the privilege to live in, a real object lesson to us consumer-crazy Westerners. 

Down to Tangalle town for a quick shop, the obligatory egg roll from the famous Southern Bakers, and lots of excuses at the bank for having forgotten my passport!  Waiting for Mr Liam from Koombi Construction to arrive now. Peace reigns and Roshan irons quietly in the fabulous new kitchen. All is well with the world on this heavenly Monday morning.

3rd Oct 2011

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