The Teak House
Tangalle, Sri Lanka

The Teak House - FAQs

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Can you arrange transport and accommodation for the whole of our tour?

We have a small number of local drivers whom we have known for a long time whom we would be delighted to recommend. They are able to pick you up from the airport and bring you to The Teak House. Airport transfers do need to be arranged in advance so please contact us if you would like us to make such arrangements.

If you wish to go on an extended tour, do contact us and we will recommend suitable accommodation for your tour, together with a good driver.

What meals are included in the rate?

The cost of food is not included in the rate for The Teak House. However, all shopping, preparation and cooking is provided by our staff at no additional cost, save for a small charge for transport. Guests normally provide a cash float to our staff who will provide an account of all purchases (including the cost of transport) at your request. The Teak House encourages guests to experience a wide range of local ingredients – fish straight from Seenimodera beach, prawns from the ocean or the lagoon on the other side of Tangalle and fruit and vegetables straight from the daily or weekly markets. Guests should experience the local markets and perhaps even the fishing harbour to see what is available.

Do you have accommodation for drivers?

The Teak House does not provide accommodation for drivers. However, Tangalle offers a number of suitable guest houses and our staff will recommend where drivers can go.

Can we pay on arrival?

In the event of a late booking, arrangements can be made for payment into the owner’s bank account in Tangalle or an electronic bank transfer.

Are there any hidden extras?

Unlike many properties in Sri Lanka, The Teak House does not charge a service charge or tax. However, guests are kindly requested to consider giving the staff a gratuity on departure. Whilst guidance can be provided, the level of any gratuity is left to a guest’s discretion. We do however make a small charge for personal laundry and ironing.

What about drinks?

The Teak House is not licensed to sell alcohol.  Guests are advised to purchase their alcohol in the duty free shop at Colombo Airport and to keep the receipts. However, beer and some wines are now available from the  ‘wine’ shop in Tangalle and mixers, such as tonic and soda water, are also available in town.  If you wish to purchase wine by the case in Colombo, please ask for details of our recommended wine merchant.

The Teak House ensures that bottled water is always available.

What about insects?

Insects are an unavoidable part of life in the tropics. However, The Teak House is regularly treated for tropical insects. Due to its elevated position above the beach, The Teak House is relatively mosquito-free. Nevertheless, mosquito nets are provided and coils can be lit in the evenings and placed in the living area and bedrooms.

Guests are also advised to wear flip flops outside of the house.

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From The Guestbook

"This is the only place in the world where we have returned 3 times which, I think, says it all. Pure MAGIC. And it only seems to get better! The new pool is just gorgeous but doesn't stop us from sea baths. Great place to relax. Very sad to leave The Teak House, its staff, Tissa, peacocks, toad, monkeys, 'squirrels', butterflies...........and so it goes on!

J&J, UK - March 2015