The Teak House
Tangalle, Sri Lanka


With fresh tropical fruit and a wide variety of seafood straight from the Indian Ocean, food is a delight at The Teak House, comprising a wide range of cuisine from Sri Lankan, Thai and what is known colloquially as 'international'. Panfried fillets of freshly caught seer fish with capers or chicken and banana flower salad are just two of the house dishes that will tantalise your palate. In season, a local fishermen brings a choice of fish straight from the ocean. A sample menu is available on request.

Our house curries are renowned - you can choose from a myriad of ingredients. Prawns from the Indian Ocean and the lagoon, banana flower, gourds, breadfruit are just for starters. Be adventurous, go to the market and see what is on offer, grown within a short distance of Tangalle or up in the cooler climes of the hill country.

Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner, our staff will delight in preparing the most delicious repasts for you. If you would like to eat out a range of options are available, from Wini's famous seafood on Goyambokka beach or the luxurious Amanwella, a five star hotel not five minutes away. The choice is yours.



Platter of mixed tropical fruit 
Toast & jam 


Cold soups including spinach, leek & potato and gazpacho 
Grilled fish or prawns with butter & garlic, new potatoes, salad 
Sri Lankan ‘salade niçoise’ 
Winged bean salad 
Spanish omelette with salad 
Grilled calamari (in season) with new potatoes & salad 
Sandwiches including tomato, bacon & lettuce, egg mayonnaise & cucumber 


Prawn cocktail 
Coconut, chicken & mushroom soup

Sri Lankan rice & curry including one of fish or prawns or chicken, three vegetable curries, dahl, coconut sambal & rice

Grilled or oven baked whole fish 
White fish fillets (in season) with butter & capers with potatoes of your choice & caramelised carrots 
Butterfly prawns with ginger, garlic & lemon grass with spicy fried rice 
Shredded chicken & banana blossom salad with plum tomatoes 
Spaghetti with spicy tomato sauce & prawns 
Stir fried snake beans with chicken 
Fried rice with prawns & chilli jam 
Thai fried noodles with prawns

Vegetable dishes including baby eggplant & cherry tomatoes, pumpkin with chilli, caramelised carrots, chargrilledvegetables, baked beetroot


Baked bananas with icecream & trickle 
Fresh pineapple 
Banana in coconut cream

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From The Guestbook

"I had been told, prior to the trip, that Sri Lanka was a paradise, but it is even better than that. Thanks to my hosts' open arms welcome, generosity and sense of humour, these holidays have opened doors to new worlds, new plants and new friends (not necessarily in that order though)! Thank you - du fond du Coeur - for these marvellous two weeks which have been a depaysement total. Please can I come back?"

Maitanne, February/March 2008